October 7, 2011

Running Just Got More Expensive

Went in to see Dr. Kathy at Positively Chiropractic, a sports medicine specialist, and the results were very interesting, to say the least.

Her end conclusion was that my hip pain was likely a mix of some inflammation with the IT band and piriformis, and may have been initially caused by bursitis. I took my training log in with me and we reviewed that; I didn't really do too much or too fast, just some bad timing or bad luck in that my final peak run causing something to flare up. But in doing some stretches and muscle tests, turns out the left side is indeed weaker and so I'm working on key stretching (four times a day!) for the next month to improve flexibility.

But the most interesting aspect was the x-rays. Turns out that structurally, my left hip sits an inch lower than my right, and my lower vertebrae aren't aligned perfectly. Obviously nothing that can be done about that in a month, but possibly there exists some long term solution in adjustments, gait analysis, or ortho inserts if there exists a solution there. I found it pretty interesting, but it obviously hasn't impacted my running much in the past few years since I've traditionally had great results in the upper percentiles of everything form 5ks to 10 Milers. But hey, maybe that's indirectly caused some other nagging pains throughout the years that have come and gone, usually ignored.

Yes, that is a straight line that doesn't connect my hips.

I'm set-up with a Monday massage and follow-up, and then trying to set-up biweekly appointments for adjustments until the marathon, with every other appointment being combined with a massage. After the marathon, we'll see if I continue with some long term adjustments to fix the hip and spine skeletal issues. With about eight appointments and four massages in the next month...had to tell my wife that running just got a little more expensive, haha.

She said I was good to go for the Army Ten Miler on Sunday, and running 5-8 miles on Tues/Thurs/Sat of next week if I was able to run through the pain. It was surprising actually, almost like I wanted her to be more worried about Sunday so it would confirm my worries about the race. Sounds like it really wouldn't do much additional or irreparable damage, or inflame anything too much further; so the plan is to run on Sunday. I'm having the same dull pain, and a bit sore actually on the right as well from some of the massage/adjustment treatment.

I guess I'm going to take it a bit easier in the race, not going for the PR but also not just going for a Sunday jog -- at least I say that now, hopefully I'm smart enough to still be saying that at the line.