October 5, 2011

The Hip Bone's Connected to the "OMG What is This Annoying Pain" Bone....

I know everyone's been on the edge of their seat waiting for my next weekly update (hahaha...seriously...I kid... is anyone out there? hello?), but it hasn't come for good reason.

A few weeks ago, I completed my final super-long run, a 22-miler that was completed in just over 3 hours and left me feeling great mentally and physically. I felt fine afterward and took much of the next week off, except a quick 5-mile run on Monday. But during that week, I noticed a slight dull pain in front of my left hip when walking...okay, no big deal, I've had nagging issues before; they come, they go.

Ten days ago, I ran 8 miles and noticed there was a bit of ache there...not really sharp pain, just an annoyance, a perceived weakness or tightness. But it didn't distract from my running and felt better as I went on, so I figured the easy week took care of it. I noticed it again though in a short run thereafter and noticed it quite a bit in last Thursday's 8-miler...but I still kept a respectable 7:30 pace. So after two weeks, taking it easy (two runs per week), the pain was not only still there but seemed to be worse. The pain is worse after sitting, standing still, or laying down, and it starts to diminish after a few strides. It doesn't hurt going up or down stairs, and it seems to improve for ten minutes or so after long stretching of that area. So my completely unprofessional diagnosis is hip flexor issues.

So what now? My Team USO coach says I may want to skip this weekend's Army Ten Miler and rest until the marathon. That scares the heck out of me...to go from running 45-50 miles per week to running nothing for over a month, I have to imagine that would degrade not only my fitness level, but also my mental edge. She also suggested some experts, so I'm in for an expensive week or two of sports medicine.

Thursday PM: Chiropractor with sports medicine focus. Highly suggested by my coach.

Sunday AM: Unless the chiropractor says my leg will fall off...I'm an idiot and I'll probably run the Army Ten Miler. I won't be beating 68 minutes, but I don't think I'll be jogging leisurely either. It's stupid...but at least I'm smart enough to know that.

Monday AM: Sports medicine massage.

Monday PM: Orthopaedic and sports medicine specialist.