July 6, 2011

Short Weeks, Humidity, and Injuries...Oh My!

The first three weeks of marathon training have been a bit shorter than anticipated, cutting the running plan from five days to four to get over a little injury blip (and heat advisories with 85-90 degrees and humidity). I've never really had a pervasive issue with my shins, but started noticing some pain that I assumed was shinsplints, but as with most issues, there were symptoms of everything. I didn't do too much or too fast, the common cause of shinsplints, but here I am with a dull pain in both shins (not just the leading leg) while walking around; but it doesn't hurt too much once I warm up and get into my 7-13 mile runs. Shinsplints causes pain during activity, not generally while walking...and this has been hurting when I hop (a stress fracture test) or walk...although it's also there in the morning (not common with stress fractures). Basically of the easy 'at-home' tests for shinsplints and stress fractures, the pass/fail is 50/50 for both...probably just a weird case of shinsplints. Luckily hasn't prevented me from knocking out my long runs.

Long story short, I took the preventative measure of ordering a pair of 2XU Compression Calf Guards to wear either during activity or during recovery, just to aid with getting over this little hiccup. I've heard good things about their preventing and treating shinsplints, but these white calf guards certainly look ridiculous on me. We'll see...the injury bug has already been fading this week a bit, and I just wore them for the first time today for 7 miles. I hope to be back to my 5-day running plan this week.

Shortened, yes. But here are the first three weeks in the bag:

Week 1 Summary  -  (19 Weeks to Go)
Wed 5 mi
Thurs 3 mi
Fri 11 mi
Sun Race: Dash4Dad Four Miler
Total Week's Mileage: 23 miles

Week 2 Summary  (18 Weeks to Go)
Mon 4 mi
Wed 6 mi
Sat 6 mi
Sun 8 mi (7 mi pavement, 1 mi on trail for some shade/scenery)
Total Week's Mileage: 24 miles

Week 3 Summary  -  (17 Weeks to Go)
Wed 6 mi
Thurs 3 mi
Sat Race: Semper Fi 5k
Sun 13 mi (11 mi pavement, 2 mi trail running)
Total Week's Mileage: 25 miles

For total 20-week training plan from previous blog posting: Click here.