July 11, 2011

One Month Down, New Long Distance

Still didn't manage to hit the training schedule of five days on the road this week. Wasn't due to injury, more due to being mentally drained after a hard day at work on Thursday and coming home in 90+ degree heat; that sapped the energy to get out, but I only skipped a little 3-mile run on Thursday.

Sunday was pretty hot, but I managed to get out on the pavement before 8am to run the first hour in decent weather with a bit of shade. As the sun got higher in the sky, I ran quite a while on a small horse trail next to the pavement, which provided a fun change of scenery and some shade. 14 miles was a new long distance for me, and it wasn't too bad until the final 2 miles, at which point it was almost 10am, the sun was hot, and everything was soaked in sweat. I took it at a very leisurely 8:00-8:15/mile pace, with a couple stops to refill my Fuel Belt at a water fountain.

Week 4 Summary  -  (16 Weeks to Go)
Tues 3 mi
Wed 7 mi
Sat 7 mi
Sun 14 mi (9 mi pavement, 5 mi trail running)
Total Week's Mileage: 31 miles

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