March 25, 2011

Ready for 13.1 Miles

After signing the good ol' race waiver and acknowledging that "running is a potentially hazardous activity"...guess I'm as ready as ever for a little 13.1 walk in the park. First half of the course should be fun, passing by all the monuments and the Capitol; the back half may be boring as it takes a meandering northern loop through the city and back to the "scenic" neighborhoods around RFK.

My expected finish time put me in corral #2 of 10 (color orange), so I'll need to be disciplined and not get caught up in the speed up there. I'd like to run negative splits and see if I can go out in the first 8-10 miles a bit slower than target pace, leaving some energy for the final push to make target. I'm rocking orange bib #15550 and my corral position means I thankfully won't have to weave through too much traffic.

To paraphrase Rebecca Black's awful 'Friday' anthem..."it's time for run, run, run, run, lookin' forward to the weekend...."  (ugh, feel so unclean; need a shower after that pop-"star" reference)