March 26, 2011

Mission 1/2 Accomplished (CareFirst National Half Marathon)

Fantastic race through the city today. There were a lot of logistical failures by the organizers, but in the end, can't complain about my time. As I ran through the 10-mile marker and my watch hit 72 minutes, I already knew I was in the groove today (my PR 10 miler is 75 minutes), but never though my finishing pace would be within seconds of my PR 10k pace. Guess that means I need to stop slacking off and run faster on my next 10k and 10 miler...haha.

Official Race Results:  1:35:07  (7:16/mi)

Although there are better organized and executed spring races I'd choose over this particular event in the future, it was a good experience at the end of the day and the volunteers on course were very friendly and fun.