November 5, 2011

Best Signs at the Marine Corps Marathon

One of the greatest aspects of the MCM was the incredible amount of people and support along the course. There were many miles when it was three or more people deep, on both sides of the road, for over a mile. Great crowd support, and of the ones I remember, the following are the best signs from the course:

  • "This is the worst parade ever"
  • "You run better than Metro"
  • "26.2 miles, because 26.3 would be crazy"
  • "At least it's not snowing"
  • "If Herman Cain can run, so can you"
  • "Tonight we dine in hell...there will be pasta"
  • "You have stamina! [girl's Twitter account]"
  • "Boo-rah!" (play on the Marines' OORAH! with pumpkins for the 'o's)
  • "We are the 99% who are slower than you"
  • "Beat Oprah!" (she ran in 1994)
  • And though it wasn't planned, the DC metro police left up a radar speed sign (see example below) that when passed by large enough groups of runners would register a speed limit. So it repeatedly flipped between "07" and "08" mph as we were running by. It was hilarious to me at mile 15.