August 7, 2011

The Last Respite

This week was a rest and recovery week, dropped the mileage a bit for a final breather before hitting a set of weeks that will conclude with me eclipsing the mythical 20-mile distance.

Ritter is more than happy to help with rest and recovery weeks.

Had a decent week of running, and actually had fun running 9 miles in the rain on Wednesday morning.

But my 12-miler on Sunday was pretty rough. A combination of some body aches, a harsh temperature, and the iPod battery going out less than two miles of those runs to just power through and put it in the rear view.

Week 8 Summary  -  (12 Weeks to Go)
Tues 4 mi
Wed 9 mi
Thurs 4 mi
Sat 9 mi
Sun 12 mi  (8 mi pavement, 4 mi trail running)
Total Week's Mileage: 38 miles

For total 20-week training plan from previous blog posting: Click here.