August 21, 2011

20 Miles is Only Halfway?

A wise man once said, "in the marathon, 20 miles is halfway"...I like that better than the other advice I got: "the race doesn't begin until mile 20."  I guess no matter who you listen to, there's a lot of pain and persistence needed after you hit the big two-oh; but it still felt good to hit that milestone.

On Sunday's big 20-miler, I felt really good throughout the first 15 miles or so, and I found myself quickly clicking off miles at a relaxed pace. I'm not pushing for time so much right now, just getting through the miles and building base mileage. As with the week prior, the last few miles were hurting due to a quick temperature increase as the time approached 11:00am. In reflecting on the run, the final miles' struggles were likely due to temperature more than anything, I physically felt fine and I thought my mental game was on...can't wait for the fall and the return of an agreeable climate.

Was supposed to hit 50 miles this week, but when looking at the schedule, I figured I'd miss a day or so in my DCA-YOW-BOS-DCA two-city business travel. I opted to miss Tuesday to give me some extra rest and to enjoy the restaurants of Ottawa. I unfortunately didn't get outside in Boston and was forced to use the treadmill with a 1% incline for my midweek 10 miler and 5 miler. Considering the Marriott's treadmills were set to shut off after 60 minutes, there was an awkward mid-run machine reset, haha.

Week 10 Summary  -  (10 Weeks to Go)
Tues - skipped -
Wed 10 mi
Thurs 5 mi 
Sat 10 mi
Sun 20 mi
Total Week's Mileage: 45 miles

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