September 24, 2012

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels

Did a previous posting on why Shot Bloks are better than Gatorade for many reasons, at least in my view. And although I'm still happy with Shot Bloks, I've had some issues with them in races when I'm at a fast pace and breathing heavy. Since my usual serving is 3-4 Bloks and it's best to take them with some water, it's been an adventure every time. Since there isn't much warning on upcoming water stations in many races, by the time I see the water station and get the Bloks in my mouth it's been difficult to chew them and get them swallowed before grabbing a cup. It's led to some humorous attempts to chew, swallow, drink, and breathe at the same time, haha.

Developed with Lance? Uh oh, is
this stuff USADA approved?
So to get an equivalent quick dose of carbs and calories, I decided to switch to gels. In my first training run using them, I've found it much easier and quicker to get the gel down and get back to focusing on my breathing and pacing. Since I wanted to stick with an organic option, I picked up a box of Honey Stinger Organic energy gels. Initial results were good, although they're certainly messier to stash the wrapper back in my pocket; honey residue on the wrapper is an issue I didn't have with the cleaner Bloks.

I'm going to keep using the Bloks for cycling and slower runs, but switch to the Stinger gels for fast-paced race efforts.