May 1, 2012

Junk Miles - Week of April 30

Rather than bombard Facebook with my nonsensical thoughts and continuous sharing of other statuses and links that I, and probably I alone, find useful...I've thrown them all together in a random blog feature.

See...I told you it was all subject to motivation. I was going almost weekly, but missed a bit due to writing race reports, which now include a half marathon and three 5ks over the past 10 days. But without further delay....

  • Many athletes, including NFL stars and my boy Meb, have turned to high molecular carbohydrates. Sound fancy enough, but what are they, and do they work?
  • Skechers sets new standards in sponsoring runners. In a sport where many athletes earn less than $15,000 and can be penalized or dropped for poor performance, this is a good step in providing sustainable wages (no, this feature will not always include every Meb link I can find, but he just seems to be in the news and related articles lately).
  • As I continue to shake off the winter rust through spring cycling, it's important to get back to basics with standard maintenance.
Lies! Jens Voigt's legs would never complain.


  • I'm sorry, but if you're backpacking and suddenly need a Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka "Creamsicle Jell-o shot" in a Guyot Designs travel glass, you really should just stay at home. Stick with bourbon and a GSI Outdoors 10Oz Flask


  • So there's now a Hangover Bus in Vegas, promising relief in 45 minutes or less. I wish there was a runner's version; a nice little post-race IV drip, massage, and ART would be just fine after a marathon.

  • After running a half marathon and three 5ks in 10 days, I've been completely slacking on other training days. I really need to get out and get some mileage base back (especially with another couple half marathons on the horizon). But with my travel schedule and dislike of treadmills, may be harder than it sounds.
  • This weekend is the 138th Kentucky Derby, greatest two minutes in sports. Can't wait to break out the Derby tie and the juleps.