May 18, 2012

Bike to Work DC

Today was Bike to Work Day in DC, with over 12,700 commuters hitting the trails and roads on two wheels instead of four. I got up early and headed down to the Vienna pit stop to sign in, grab a cup of coffee, and meet some other two-wheelers.

My advanced scouting didn't find a safe back-road route to my Tysons office, so today was really a "proof of concept" since I'm not used to cycling with a backpack. So I put my work gear in a backpack, strapped my dress pants to avoid snagging the chain, and headed out along the W&OD in commuter garb to show support for the other commuters. But again, since I didn't feel I could safely get into Tysons today, I worked at home. I put in some miles with the backpack before coming back to boot up the I biked to work via a technicality.

Next year I'm finding a safe route to Tysons, over Rt 7, and into my official office.

My "first day of school" picture for Bike to Work DC.