January 5, 2012

2011 Annual Totals

Though I was shut down for almost the entire last quarter of the year, the total mileage ended on a nice symetric 888 miles, completed in about 129 hours (5.4 days) of running time.

You can tell by the peaks and valleys in the monthly summary the phases of training, from half-marathon training (March), to speedwork/5k season (April-May), to marathon (June-Sept), and ultimately to injury...oops.

The miles and minutes include some warm up and cool down, so that adds about .8 mile (~8 min) total per training day, throwing off the annual pace. Omitting that, annual pace is just under 8:00/mile for the year, even with my long-slow-distance (LSD) runs. I'm going to try tracking training pace (without warm/cool) in my 2012 tracker.
Year-to-Date Summary
 Jan 30 miles    (4.7 hours)
 Feb 72 miles    (11.0 hours)
 Mar 93 miles    (14.0 hours)
 Apr 52 miles    (7.2 hours)
 May 67 miles    (9.2 hours)
 June 74 miles    (10.5 hours)
July 158 miles  (22.9 hours)
 Aug 163 miles  (23.6 hours)
 Sept 136 miles  (19.2 hours)
 Oct 45 miles    (6.1 hours) - races only, no training due to injury
 Nov - injury recovery -
 Dec - injury recovery -
 Total Year to Date: 888 miles  (129 hours)