April 10, 2011

Joined the Sub-7:00 Club!!

Woooo...accomplished the sub-70:00 goal, breaking the 7:00/mile mark in a ten miler. Was worried last night about potentially blowing up late, but got a fast start and held strong at the end. Course was rolling hills the whole way, so I'm actually feeling a bit more sore than after the half marathon a couple weeks ago.

Official Race Results:  1:08:20  (6:50/mi)

5 Mile Checkpoint:  00:34:23  /  Pace:  6:53/mi
Finish Checkpoint:  01:08:20  /  Pace:  6:50/mi

Looks like I ran the final five miles about 30 seconds faster overall. Surprising to say the least. Even though I started kicking once I hit the streets of Alexandria, I definitely felt the final five were slower, especially with the uphill stretch at miles 7-8. Eh, maybe the timing mat at the midpoint was off a few yards.

Crossing the finish line...not my best PR pose.

GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler
Finishing Time: 1:08:20

And the post-race festival had a beer garden. A free post-race banana and a free post-race Bud Light. Oh Parkway Classic, you just guaranteed I'll return for next year's race.

Sub-7:00 club.  Cheers!
What a lovely sign to see after crossing the finish line.