January 18, 2014

RIP. Run in Peace.

The story of Meg Cross Menzies really hit me, maybe it's because I'm a newish father to a beautiful girl, maybe it's the unity of the running community, maybe it's just that time of year to be reflective as we turn to a new racing season. Thought about it a lot over my two runs this weekend, and you know what?

I refuse to say "Rest in Peace"...I doubt she's getting much rest in Heaven; she's with other runners and they're running with winged shoes, never glimpsing "the wall" and setting PRs with each step. No one is watching a Garmin, no one is having a "heavy legs" day, and no one has to put Glide on their nipples.

Newton's first law says a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion will remain in motion. For the past two days, that outside force acting on those at rest, maybe 90k of them, was Meg. And I have to think she remains in motion, running intervals across Heaven while St Peter chases her in sandals to hand her Honey Stingers (I can't imagine in Heaven they eat Gu, that flavor comes from somewhere else). She's challenging Pre to 10ks, and she's on a Ragnar relay team with 11 of the Apostles (sorry James the Less, you're driving).

Though I may not know Meg yet, I expect to see her later, lined up on a starting line when my time pounding Man's pavement has passed.

Long may you run. All of you.

Ran 6 and 10 miles for 
#MegsMiles this weekend.

Run in Peace.

A worldwide impact.