August 7, 2012

Genuine Innovations Cartridge Cross

After I purchased and installed my XLAB rear wing and accessories, I figured it was time to upgrade the wife as well. She doesn't need to be sitting on the side of the road using a mini frame pump for a half hour to inflate a tire, so I got her (or the generous passerby who helps her) an XLAB Nanoflator and an integrated CO2 carrier.

I was originally looking for the XLAB X-Strike, but was too impatient to order online. My local triathlon store didn't have it, but they did have the Genuine Innovations Cartridge Cross, which is literally the same product (Genuine Innovations makes the XLAB CO2 accessories). Install was just two screws in the frame and tossing the Nanoflator in her bike bag.

The Cartridge Cross mounts on the frame's water bottle brackets and holds up to four CO2 cartridges. It has an anti-reverse feature to keep the cartridges secured on the road and also included a reusable rubber sleeve to make holding cold cartridges easier during use.

Just two screws and the wife is now carrying two 16 gram cartridges.

The Cartridge Cross sits out of the way along the frame.

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