March 25, 2012

Junk Miles - Week of March 26

Rather than bombard Facebook with my nonsensical thoughts and continuous sharing of other statuses and links that I, and probably I alone, find useful...I've thrown them all together in a random blog feature.

Now keep reading and enjoy the March 26th edition:

  • Local favorite Michael Wardian wins the inaugural SunTrust Rock 'n' Roll USA Marathon in 2:26:35. The half marathon was won in 1:06:39.
  • It's pretty cool that my boy Meb rocks out to Eminem to get pumped up and celebrates at a steakhouse; I think he and I could hang. I know his PR probably still puts him outside the medals in London (possible top 10 though), but I really hope he comes through with some hardware.
  • What's the best long run training distance for the half marathon? Uh...sorry Runner's World, but I think it's more than 7 miles. Whereas I agree that the final six miles of a 13.1 mile race are not nearly as hard to overcome when you're unprepared as the final six miles of a 26.2 mile race, the examples the article gives are just silly. Yes, Farah and Rupp's first road race over 10k was a half marathon and they had no difficulty; but that doesn't mean they've never run more than 7 miles. These guys are professional track runners, I'd think their 100-mile weeks makes a half marathon effort a bit of a breeze.
  • And since it's officially the first week of spring, here's one last salute to winter to make you appreciate the sun. Meb Keflezighi cranking out an 8-mile tempo run in the snow:


  • Pimp my Jetboil? Yes, please. (anyone need a Christmas idea for me?)


  • Just a little Facebook/nerd humor:

  • Forget that wimpy Oktoberfest yellow beer (5-6% ABV), I want to go to Starkbierzeit, Bavaria's "strong beer festival" (up to 9% ABV). Next time I'm in Munich, I'm definitely going to the Paulaner am Nockherberg brewery to drink Salvator straight from the tap. Considering the monks called it "liquid bread," would it count as carb loading before a race?