June 10, 2011

Miles of Rock Hopping, I'm Counting This as Cross Training

Great vacation with Dad, spent 1,856 miles in the car to get from Virginia to New Hampshire, on to Maine, and return. Hiked more mileage and more elevation than expected courtesy of some side hikes and added peaks. Just a fantastic three days in the White Mountains and one day on Mt Katahdin.

Most of the hiking was above the tree line and consisted of a lot of rock-hopping, boulder-jumping, and mountaineering. I definitely think I can count this as cross training as well as vacation.

And of course, here are some vacation pics (click to enlarge):

Taking a break on day 2 before lunch. The peaks in the
background are our afternoon climbs.

Glad I brought my running 'arm sleeves'.

Topping off another peak early on day 3.

Heading up past the boulder field on Katahdin.

Summit of Katahdin. Just a ladder short of a mile in elevation.